As a very diverse artist, Fran likes to explore many mediums. Her unusual subject choices paired with her unique painting techniques, create works that are extremely novel and distinct.

Her painted works range from mystical portraits and textured abstract, to realistic still-life, florals, birds and beautiful Saskatchewan landscapes.

As a self taught sculptor & mold maker, she has created many intriguing masks, dolls, elves, and numerous ornaments in fine porcelain. Along with “one of a kind” pieces, she has also produced limited edition figurines, small replicas of city landmarks and several “Gainer the Gopher” collector ornaments for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

While Fran developed most of her artistic techniques on her own, she has also drawn on concepts learned through numerous workshops and seminars from several of her favorite painters including Zhong-yang Huang and Carl Schlademan.

Fran Zerr’s work has sold across Canada and has been presented internationally to dignitaries. Be sure to check her website regularly as she is always demonstrating new and innovative ways to express her artistic creativity. Also check for workshops and gallery shows on her upcoming news page. Please email Fran if you would like to be added to her event notification list.

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